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Arts & Advocacy Community Conversation in Austin

Welcome to Austin
Photo Credit: Michael Knox, RLA, ASLA, Downtown Officer


PAA is hitting the road in 2015!

The Performing Arts Alliance PAA) is headed to Austin, TX for its spring board meeting next month. While we’re there, we’re taking the time to connect with the local performing arts community by hosting a multi-disciplinary town hall discussion with artists and arts organizations in the Austin and San Antonio regions.

This town hall will provide an opportunity to discuss the critical social, economic, political, and other issues impacting regional artists and organizations. The event is sponsored by the City of Austin’s Cultural Arts Division of the Economic Development Department and is co-hosted by Ballet Austin and the National Association for Latino Arts and Cultures.

The local performing arts community is invited to attend. PAA will engage in community dialogue to learn more about the current situation for arts and creativity in Central Texas and will also share information about federal policies and advocacy activities relating to the arts. 

Date: Thursday, April 16
Time: 5:00-7:00pm
Location: Long Center for the Performing Arts, Kodosky Lounge; 701 W. Riverside Drive, Austin, TX 78704
Cost: Free

We hope this gathering will connect artists and organizations across disciplines and perspectives and encourage relationship and network-building to support our common goals in arts and advocacy.  


Registration and Agenda

New Rules Take Effect for Traveling with Instruments

airplane Clement Allolng.jpg

At the end of 2014, the Dept. of Transportation (DOT) issued a rule standardizing how airlines treat musical instruments as carry-on and checked baggage. This rule comes nearly three years after the Federal Aviation Administration Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 which required DOT to write final rules on the matter.

The new rules, which became effective on March 6, 2015, state that if a traveler’s instrument complies with an airline’s carry-on or checked baggage policies—and there is room for the instrument on the flight—airlines must allow it onboard or in cargo. It also states that airlines with musical instrument policies must modify them to comply with the rule and train gate agents, flight crews, and baggage handlers accordingly. Airlines without policies for musical instruments must create them.

DOT has created a resource page that includes information on filing complaints and FAQs about the rule. PAA has been working with a coalition of service organizations and musician advocates involved in this important policy issue. The coalition is preparing tips to prepare for air travel and more resources to help you navigate the new rule which will be shared soon.

Photo credit: Clément Alloing, Flickr Creative Commons


February 2015 Advocacy Report

Glyn Lowe 2.jpg

Hot off the presses: the PAA February Advocacy Report is here!
Read on for updates on performing arts wireless technology, the IRA Rollover, upcoming PAA events, and more.


The 114th Congress: A New Capitol Hill for the Arts

Post-Election Image.jpg
I Voted! by Vox Efx, Flickr Creative Commons


The results of the 2014 mid-term elections—Republican control of the Senate, fewer Democratic seats the House—will bring new faces to Capitol Hill and to some of your districts and states.

With new policymakers headed into office, this is an opportune moment to educate them about the role and value of the arts in America. As soon as possible, make your voice heard and tell your lawmakers how your arts organization is making an impact where you live.

PAA looks forward to building relationships on Capitol Hill with new members of the 114th Congress, and we have tools and information to help arts advocates and organizations do the same with their new leaders.


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